There's No Place like the HOOD

There's No Place like the HOOD

Edition of 40:

Handmade Serigraph

8 Color Hand Pulled Screen Print with Spray Paint Stencil Finishes on 250gsm paper

56cm x 76cm

All serigraphs are signed, dated, numbered, blind stamped with a silver seal and include a signed Certificate of Authenticity

250,00 €

Rene Gagnon

Rene Gagnon

My vision is to recreate this battle between graffiti and street artists’ in my studio work. By mixing my past graffiti experience with the street art pieces I do today, I am able to fuel my attack on the canvas. As feelings are evoked from the written words and the often emotionally charged imagery I leave on the streets a physical manifestation builds to a point of overflow. Ultimately unleashing itself in a furore of uninhibited energy, where time and place become nonexistent. It is in this vitality that my artistic soul reveals itself and dances its way into a flurry of whirling paint and exploding spray paint cans.

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