Edition of 37:

6 colors print on Fedrigoni paper 320gsm

Signed, 2018

35 x 50 cm


150,00 €

Marina Zumi

Marina Zumi

Marina believes in natural wisdom, interconnectivity and the power of colour. Her favorite places are the streets and big walls, which she is re-visiting and transforming into colourful paintings. Through depictions of geometry and symmetry - the recognizable method of her creations - Marina emphasizes the importance of an equilibrium.  Her works are placed in moments of the absence of light, just after the twilight, where the real magic happens.  The results are canvases, murals and installations bursting with energy and colour, illuminated landscapes geometrically shaped to the surreal world of ideas. 

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Lek is a French graffiti artist, a member of Da Mental Vaporz crew, who was lucky to live in Paris in the 80s, when the city cradled many graffiti artists. At the age of 16, Lek realizes that the streets in his neighborhood are covered with graffiti, stencils, and tagging. He was living at a time when French graffiti scene was emerging, near the glorious, mysterious place named Stalingrad.