Hello, we are street art & graffiti

Everything started in 2015 on Instagram when Charles Corrot, a passionate of urban art, decided to create Street Art And Graffiti. This account quickly had a very big success, which today gathered a community of more than 150 000 followers.

We decided to go further by creating StreetArtAndGraffiti.com.

every ARtwork means something different

We have created the first Online Gallery specialized in Street Art. Our slogan is :

« From The Street To Your Wall »

Our concept is to offer artists a shop where they can sell their own artworks, in order for them to have a real freedom with their art. While you are purchasing a work on StreetArtAndGraffiti.com., it directly comes from the artist‘s studio. We want to favor as much as possible the exceptional relationship between the buyer and the artist.


In collecting with Street Art And Graffiti, you will invest in confirmed or emerging artists that we have carefully selected. Whether you are an informed collector or if you just began your collection, we offer you the best of street art like nowhere else, helping you at the same time with a maximum of information to acquire some works with trust and security.


We want to democratize street art by making it accessible to all. Share our passion to the entire world!

"A wall is a very big weapon. It's one of the nastiest things you can hit someone with."


We believe that art is magic and help people’s life. Fédor Dostoïevski said :

“ L’art sauvera le monde “ (“ art will save the world” )