Kevin Ledo is a muralist and fine artist based in Montreal, Canada.

What made you become an artist? Could you tell me more about your background?

I’ve been an artist since I was a child, just like all children are, they draw and color, sing and dance, but I just never stopped, especially drawing and coloring/painting. I began painting with acrylic when I was about 12, (Bob Ross style) and I decided to focus on becoming a full time artist in 2005. I focussed mainly on studio art and only got into painting murals in 2013. However, before that I was jamming with En Masse, a collaborative drawing/painting project that started in Montreal and went worldwide. I was doing that for a few years.. we were painting canvases and walls, and when we were painting large scale walls, I thought to myself that I’d like to do more of this large scale painting.. so here I am, 3 years later.


Could you tell us about your technique and the type of work you create?

I use a variety of techniques, from brush work with oil and acrylic paint on board or canvas, to spray paint, rollers and brushes on walls. I also use gold leaf in my studio work, my art installations as well as in a few murals. Each medium has a different effect, and requires a different technique. practice-of-patience

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Rosalie’s triangle – Available on his work for sale, Click here!

How would you describe your work today?

Simply put, my paintings are mostly figurative imagery with graphic shapes. To explain further, I tend to paint realistic renderings of people, intermingling with mostly flat, but sometimes 3d graphic elements, uniting multiple planes of existence into one image. I usually draw my concepts from playing around with imagery and sketches, often working from hunches, and unformed ideas I have floating around in my head. The work depicts people in a pensive and emotional state, exploring their mind, ethereal energies and planes of existence. I usually don’t know what it is I am trying to express until the artworks are finished.

I don’t identify with any genre in particular, but here are a bunch of genres that I can fit into: New Contemporary, Pop Art, Surrealism, Pop Surrealism, Portraiture, Iconography, Urban art, Street Art, Muralism, Public Art, and Mystic Art.

949A0189What influenced you artistically?

I have been influenced by so many things along the way to where I am today. When I was young, it was Garfield, Ninja Turtles, Commander Mark, then heavy metal album covers. From there it was rave flyers, psychedelic imagery and many types of music. Later it was poster art, Art Nouveau, religious iconography and alchemic imagery. Again music has been a constant influence, and all throughout I’ve been attracted to portraiture and figurative imagery. I have been inspired by so many artists along the way, but never heavy influenced by any in particular. Working with different artists on collaborative murals has always left influence in my work too. It’s a great way to grow as an artist, and help develop your my voice.

When you are visiting a new city, how do you choose the spot where you’ll paint a work?

Every situation is different. Sometimes I hunt down walls to paint, and in other cases I am invited to paint a wall in particular.949A7276

Any exciting projects coming up?

I’m heading to Jordan to paint some murals and Mexico for an art residency this winter. Both endeavors will be completely different but I’m excited about each one. Besides that I hope to keep things rolling with my work, both in murals and in studio work.medicine-falcon-ledo-angelina ledo

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