Why not reunite seven of the world’s most renowned street artists in the middle of the ocean, must have been Tristan Eaton‘s thought as he woke up one day with this crazy idea in mind. Although the artist is always up for challenging himself and others, this very idea must be his most ambitious dream so far. Two main objectives for this monumental task: as they will be painting murals in the middle of the ocean, each artist will be assigned a tower located off the East Coast of England. With their artworks, these historic structures will tell the story of both street and graffiti art while being protected from further decay.

Bringing together incredible artists : Shepard Fairey (Obey), The London Police, Tristan Eaton, Hownosm, Futura 2000, this adventure is not only remarkable from a human but also from a historical perspective and offers viewers the opportunity to visit the East Coast of England and these structures that up until now have only been known for the crucial role they played in World War II, as well as fighting censorship in the pirate radio movement of the 1970s. By the looks of it, the “Painted Ocean” project has all the ingredients required to turn it into an epic event.

Lone fort painted_oceans_5

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