Kram is a street artist from Barcelona, Spain. He is well known for his unique art that represents human feelings into animals. 


What made you become an artist? Could you tell me more about your background?

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, when I was around nine years I said I gonna be a comic book artist.

In the late 90’s, when I was a young teenager I discovered the Graffiti world, and I started painting walls. I’ve been spending spray cans since then.

Some years after, I went to the art school, discovering and learning other disciplines… so finally I’m not a comic book artist, but I’m an illustrator and a painter. I can keep drawing!


Could you tell us about your technique and the type of work you create?

On walls I use to paint specially with spray cans and latex paint applied with rollers.

On paintings I use mixed media, mixing all, acrylics, watercolor, oil based…

Also I do original paintings on paper to paste on the streets as small interventions, something similar than a big sticker, but always with original handmade works, so each one is different and special.


Streetrat available on


Don’t stop available on StreetArtAndGraffiti.comdisconnectivityDisconnectivity available on


How would you describe your work today?

Figurative, casual, dynamic and scoundrel.

Most of my characters are humanized animals, most of times floating, sometimes on adult attitudes, it could seem a bit infant, but my paintings are not for kids… maybe for the “old” kids.


What influenced you artistically?

Guess I could say my universe is influenced by comic books, graffiti, music and specially by the classic cartoons, but I’m trying to create my own characters and developing my own code and symbolism..


Which is the best wall you have ever painted?

I don’t know what’s the best wall I did but one of my favorites spots where I painted is on 5points in New York. It isn’t the biggest wall, or the greatest work I ever did, but they gave me the chance to paint one of the best walls on the spot, just at the entry, and maybe is for the meaning of the place, the city context, or my teen dreams coming true, but I had a really nice time there.

Sometimes it is not the wall or the work you did, it is more about the experience you had, and the experience you provide to the local people where you are painting. Because you (as a foreigner) are changing their public spaces, and it’s good to feel that your work is been welcome.

The last 1st of January, I started the year painting on a beach in Tulum (Mexico), it was just a little wall, but it was a sunny warm day on a Caribbean beach. So I had a lot of fun.

Also I had a really nice experience painting in the middle of the old town of Casablanca, it was a totally different experience than painting in Europe.


9EleduKramVAMPIREwebWhen you are visiting a new city, how do you choose the spot where you’ll paint a work?

If you’re in a city where you don’t know anybody, or you just have nothing arranged before, it’s always difficult to find a spot where you can paint quietly.

You move around looking for some walls as a junkee, and if you have luck finally you find something. Once you have painted the first wall, the others use to come by themselves.

Then you can start the selection by preferences as location, final view, size, etc.


Any exciting projects coming up?

In the incoming future, I’m planning new walls around Europe (nothing I could explain by the moment) while I’m in Barcelona working at my studio and doing some works around here.

I would love to go back to NY and also Mexico, lets see if I could arrange something soon.

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