Btoy lives in Barcelona. One of her interests is to use what might be called a "mur trouvé" with its irregular surfaces, adding remains of pollution and ads, where doors and windows boarded become appropriate frameworks for self-expression Their characters stop and dig into his eyes making us reflect on the passage of time. Her work is characterized by intertextuality. Heavy load nostalgic portraits are swayed by forceful brushstrokes and color. Pallets colors challenge to those described in black and White photographs. Btoy presented in her works the precepts of postmodernism, eclectic, ephemeral, the result of the loss of social cohesion.

She has exhibited at galleries in Barcelona, London, Paris and Bérgamo; and she has participated in many live shows as "The Cans Festival", in London.

She exhibited "Cleopatra" at Bundeskunsthalle, in Bonn and "Tour 13" in Paris.

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