Billy Mode

Billy Mode is a Baltimore artist who credits his formal training to the graffiti movement of the 1980′s. His current work deals with mathematical structures that are modular in design. Currently, he focuses on words, which are composed of themes such as “Invent the Future”. Keeping in the graffiti tradition of stylized lettering, Bill places these thought-provoking and meaningful words into repeated patterns. From there the images can be taken on as a mantra or as an invitation to consider other ideas outside of the painting. The designs are made into stencils, which allow him to experiment with different techniques and arrive at new visual perspectives. Bill uses these stencil concepts to create large-scale murals as well as experimental paintings in the studio.

Sacred geometry, mathematics, micro/macrocosm parallels, and designs that exist in nature inspire Bill. He fuses these concepts with words and phrases from songs, lectures, conversations, etc. and incorporates them into his work.

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