French street artist who lives and work actually in France, Clermont Ferrand and Paris

KURAR falls in graffiti in the late 90s. For ten years he will paint, working on 3D, volume, and colour. With time and experience, it will diversify its techniques, Graff, Vandal, Stencil, Collage, to focus on the work stencils.
Through the stencil and work on canvas, the street artist deals with current issues and encourages us to step back from our vision of society. Mixing old universe, and contemporary details in these KURAR works dealing with poetry, humour and provocation, sensitive issues such as war, religion and the consumer society.
The use and representation of childhood are one of the recurring issues and some « trademark » of KURAR. He brilliantly uses the symbol of innocence to contrast with the satirical and provocative aspect of these representations.
Since a meteoric rise in 2013, marked by an exhibition at the Paris gallery Onega, the street artist made personal exhibitions and exhibited in galleries around the world, New York, Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, La Reunion, Berlin, etc...
Between cynicism and Poesia, nostalgia and black humour, it affects the public by the depth and relevance of its messages.

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