JUMBO is the alter-ego of a commercial artist living and working in the sub-tropics of Sydney and surrounding areas. Drawing from a diverse range of influences such as modern 20th Century art, low-brow comic art, skateboard culture and points in-between, JUMBO has been inspired by visual arts ever since a young age when freedom of expression was key to enjoyment of life.

Working in all sizes from small scale artworks to large format wall murals and dealing with subjects that inspire such as future living, bio-domes and animal behaviour, JUMBO has developed a language that is unique and engaging. Part of the current crop of artists that work across multi-disciplines and public art with the medium of choice being spray paint, JUMBO has been engaged with a group of artists that are pushing the boundaries and creating their own opportunities in the art world. Select collaborations include Sydney Harbor Foreshore Authority, Maritime Museum, National Gallery of Australia and the City of Sydney.


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