MDMN has gone from gritty posters on the streets to doing exceptionally clean acrylic and aerosol work in a matter of just a few years. Inspiration from a 90s childhood filled with bright action figures, creepy extra-terrestrial villains, and armies of robots can be seen on every piece of his work. Arts of all kinds has driven MDMN to release his passion for bright colors and imaginative dreamlike characters. Even though the MDMN brand has just begun, he already has toys, gallery work, and his most primary focus, his countless large scale murals, under his belt. Quite a few around LA, Miami, Chicago, Indiana, San Diego, New York, Denver, Phoenix, Hawaii and Reno. Focusing on contributing to neighbourhoods nationwide (and eventually worldwide) with largely animated looks into his world of illustrations of superheroes, his goal is to inspire and encourage creativity from entire communities. Sometimes people lose imagination and dream through the dishevelled paths heaved at us, but through MDMNs artwork, you can at least lose yourself for a while in a beaming fantasy world of luminescence and adventure.

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