Damien Auriault

Damien Auriault is a French artist. In 2004 he began studying graphic design, his training and his meetings will nourish and develop his practice of aerosol painting. In 2016 he began to paint in public spaces, producing images in which the search for the drawn line resonates with architecture and its context of inscription.  Since 2017, he has been producing constrained paintings, their creation is linked to the tool and subject to prior regulation, a protocol he chooses freely. The tools he constructs are used to generate a regularity in the method of applying paint, for example, the lines, metal axis tool associated with a hook is dedicated to the use of aerosol paints. It allows to have a regular distance and orientation from the painted surface;  His painting is born of uncertainty, of variations produced by the repetition of the gesture.

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  • Damien Auriault

    Edition of 25 Silkscreens hand-printed three shades of blue on arcoprint paper 300 gr Signed by the artist on the right bottom (lead) Stamp’s printer on the left bottom 50 x 70 cm 2020
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