In 1999 BustArt began his artistic career with classic Graffiti. Until 2005, he became deeply with the whole spectrum of Graffiti and reached a new level of identification with the various facets of the subculture.

In addition to the classic Graffiti works, he started to combine letters with cartoon-based characters, leading his art to more figurative works. Stickers, stencils and posters on his travels through Europe inspired him for further artistic developments. BustArt adopted a new range of techniques and skills which were helping him to realize new motives, statements and street art experiments.  

To communicate with the people through street art became a mission. A mission to surprise passers-by, encourage them to think and share the love for colored urban space. Traveling and seeing the world was another motivation for BustArt. He left his marks all over the world: New York, Berlin, Mumbai, London, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Marseille, Amsterdam and many more.

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