Cheba Bristol

A pioneer of the modern poster and sticker culture, Cheba began plastering the streets with his striking yet simplistic characters in the early 2000's. Shortly after picking up a spray can, Cheba quickly became addicted to painting the city's landscape and has been a long-standing figure in his hometown of Bristol's thriving street art culture.  

Cheba has gone on to showcase his work at over 40 exhibitions across the World (4 Solo) alongside illustrious figures from the world of street art including the 'Crimes of Passion' show at the Royal west Academy of Arts and most recently The House of Commons, London. His work has also featured in a plethora of publications including 'Graffiti World', 'The Art of Rebellion', 'Children of the Can' and 'Banksy's Bristol' to name a few, all of which received worldwide distribution.  

His work often mixes clean freehand vector lines with messy unpredicted backgrounds that bring texture and emotion to the work. In recent years his work has evolved, bringing his backgrounds to the forefront in a free-flowing, tactile and futuristic spray can abstract expressionism style.

Cheba's recent work is heavily inspired by Space, specifically the Hubble Telescope images but also an ongoing interest in the contrast of nature and urban environments, drawing on the life and decay from around the more forgotten areas of the city. He combines the graffiti staple of spray paint with more traditional media such as oil, acrylic, and ink, experimenting with their textural qualities to give the element of life into his work.

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