Tarek Benaoum

Tarek Benaoum was born from an Algerian father and a Franco-Italian mother in Salé, France. He now works as a calligrapher and is based in Paris.  Drawing on his experience with graffiti, he discovers calligraphy during a training course with Kitty Sabatier. At age 22 he enters Toulouse’s Scriptorium, then run by Bernard Arin, where he “inks” his knowledge on paper, repeating the gestures, learning the ductus and the curves.  Tarek Benaoum asserts himself through hybrid calligraphy tinged with Arabic and gothic influences. Adonis, René Char or even Jim Morrison: the text is prominent in his work. The viewer is first triggered by a word he can read before being struck by one he cannot decipher and is in any way seized. The contemplation overtakes the understanding and the meaning gives way to the essential.  Tarek uses Jardin Rouge to escape, taking over objects and land, pieces of life that he mingles with his own story. Through the residency, the artist will undertake material research and play with the circles characterizing his style in order to tame the roughness and bring his art of calligraphy in space forward.

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