Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham is a UK based artist working exclusively with spray-paint and contemporary stencil techniques. He graduated in 2009 from the University of Ulster in Belfast, where he currently resides. His work explores the ideas of contemporary pop culture and mass media as they affect and shape how we operate in our daily lives. References to pop culture, graffiti, skateboard graphics and comic book iconography feature heavily alongside the instantly recognizable logos and the symbols of our time, exploring the effect they have on our society. Often these symbols are subverted and reworked to convey a message or expose an underlying issue.

His commentary of pop culture, bold graphics and strong use of color is similar to that of Lichtenstein or Warhol but with a contemporary urban edge. The work he makes is exhibited internationally and can just as often be found painted on found objects as it can on linen and canvas.

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