Born in 1992, Portugal, HUARIU revealed himself a street artist in 2014.
It all began at the age of 8, when an attraction for “graffiti” arose, which lead him to paint with spray cans one year later.
He then started photographing and replicating on paper every “graffiti” piece he came across, to the point where he absorbed sufficient information to start creating his own “graffiti” pieces. At 15 years of age, he stopped painting and started skateboarding. A few years later he began painting again because of a friend. But this time he stopped traditional graffiti and started Street art. Due to his fascination for other cultures, HUARIU uses photographs of aboriginal, Arab, Hindu, Buddhist and African people, among others, as inspiration for his works. His paintings are focused on transmitting beauty, emotion and mystery.
When asked “What does your art mean?”, HUARIU answers: “Most of my art means absolutely nothing, they are like flowers, the sound of the waves crashing, a melody played by a pianist, they are to be appreciated with the heart, not with the head”.

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