Robert Proch

Robert Proch is a Poland painter, muralist, and animator with his unique picturesque language which represents numerous stylistic expressions. His style is inspired by state-of-the-art animation, Impressionism, and modern graffiti.  

Proch was born in Poland and was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts (animation department) in Poznan. First steps in outside painting he took in 2002. During his study, he had major exhibitions in both Europe and the United States.  

Robert Proch began putting up graffiti in his hometown of Bydgoszcz, Poland as a teen. He soon experimented with traditional painting too. Proch paints aspects of motion and processing taken strictly from an urban environment. As he says, nowadays the cities-environment of his world is starting to look extraordinarily plain and futuristic. What he does is trying to imagine the modern city without all the small details like benches or trash bins. This artist compares it to a painting of a cubist and still has a problem with deciding whether it’s a good or bad phenomenon.

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