Fernando Chamarelli

Fernando Chamarelli is an artist and illustrator with a degree in graphic design. His early interest with art was through comics, caricatures and realistic portraits only to leave a way to street art and tattoo art. All these very different aspect of the art world fueled his inspiration and he naturally felt the need the merge aspects of these techniques in order to develop his own visual signature. His country, Brazil, is a multicultural melting pot, a place of contrasts ripe with color and music – it is a constant source of inspiration to Fernando’s work. His universe of fantasies and sensorial stimulation revolves around ten pillars: spirituality, mysticism, history, symbolism, mythology, philosophy, astrology, occultism, anthropology and geometry.

His artworks depict a world of exotic creatures that inhabit the mind of this emerging artist since a very young age. Chamarelli’s paintings are vibrant with colors and an infinity of elements that transmute one into the other; his paintings are like mosaics where organic forms and harmonic lines are seamlessly intertwined together to create intriguing characters. A contemporary visual language that enables the viewer to travel through time and establish connections between ancient and modern times, East and West, interior and exterior and, most importantly, between the material and the spiritual. Fernando has worked and exhibited his art in several countries of America and Europe.

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