Born in Cannes in 1984, Jeremy Besset developed a passion for drawing and painting right from his childhood. At the age of 11, he began skateboarding and discovered the world of graffiti through his first spray painting. 

In 2001, he adopted the name Enur (a combination of letters by choice) and put together a crew of graffiti artists from and around Cannes. The following years, he participated in different urban festivals and sprayed painted several shutters and front windows in Cannes and its surroundings. 

In 2004, he tried graffiti on canvas and succeeded: his paintings sold like hot cakes, but the ebb and flows of life forced him to take an artistic break. In 2007, he joined a decorating company which allowed him to discover brushwork and natural pigments. Based on this learning, he founded his own company in 2011: L'atelier de Jeremy. Keen on combining his first passion for letters and brushwork; he realized patina furniture and several hand-painted signs in his village, Mouans-Sartoux.

In 2014, L'atelier de Jeremy achieved the "30 Merveilles du pays de Grasse" label. Satisfied with this recognition, he closed the book on arts and crafts and decided to put all his energy in his artistic career under his real name: J. Besset, January 2015 onwards. His art now combines twenty years of experience uniting graffiti, decoration and calligraphy. He gave up spray cans and now works with paint brushes, and leans more towards acrylic paintings or those based on natural pigments, as they are more in keeping with his principles, marked with humanism and ecology. 

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