Mid 90’s, Alberto Vejarano imposed a unique and evolutive logo in the streets of Paris: Chanoir. The «CHA» took life on the walls and they communicated their feelings to the passers-by: instinctive, naive and always positive. Alberto graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and got his diploma in 2002 with Jean-Michel Alberola. He learned from the «figuration libre» painters which he linked to the Post-graffiti movement. His totemic paintings evoked nevertheless the mystic power of Primitive art. Alberto added to his ways of expressions the performance, the installation, the photography, the collections, the video art and joined in the movement of the Modest art. His work fed on his childhood memories and used the power of the costume to metamorphose constantly. Nomadic artist, he became extremely active on the walls of Barcelona and realized the documentary «Muros Libres» about the golden years of Barcelona graffiti, and then he created the Collective 1980. In 2003 he invested the Colombian artistic scene by proposing exhibitions in art galleries such as « La Cometa » and to the Museum of Modern art of Bogota. He popularized the graffiti then, the way we practised it in Europe. From then on Alberto began an international career from Miami to Los Angeles, from Beijing to Costa Rica including Rome, Lon- don or Brussels. He presented a poetic installation of interactive graffiti (Taguer la Lune), as well as several paintings for the exhibition «Né dans la rue» in Foundation Cartier. He was called to work with prestigious brands like Disney, Cacha- rel or Samsung: he had fun to transform, to cover, to dress everything. «Alberto is the only collector/artist to have preserved in his work the essential vision of his room in a mess (after Ben)» J.M. Albérola 

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