Adam Craemer

Adam Craemer is a South African born, Perth based artist. His main training and influences come from the graffiti art culture in Cape Town and the UK, as well as living and travelling around Europe and Asia.

His portrait artwork is derived from a mixture of photographs/images/paintings that are sourced online or via client pictures; then reworked depending on certain criteria, onto either board or canvas. As a result, his mixed media portrait pieces are a combination of stencils, painting, spray-painting, screen printing, glue, paper shredding, ink, marker pens, and epoxy resin. Every time he works on a new piece, Adam tries to combine any new techniques he can, to push the boundaries of his style further and evolve more.

"I try and mark the pieces in such a way that allows the viewer to see new marks and complex lines every time they are viewed."

I would describe my work as a mixture of Urban, Abstract and Pop.

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