He is drawing as a destiny.  Books from his childhood on the walls of his adolescence, Astro has continued to put his creativity to the service of his art.
An art which he chose as urban, first as a "beat maker" in the golden age of hip-hop, then as a graffiti artist when in 2000 he joined the crew "Originaire du Val d'Oise" (ODV).

Gradually, Astro perfected his skills and technique to lead ultimately towards "Wildstyle", an aesthetic that mixes curves, arabesques and dynamic shapes.  Inspired by artists such as Hartung, Zao Wou-Ki and Mucha, Astro has created his world by exploiting the subtlety of light and shade, the strength of colours, and the perspective of depths.

Astro's work fits equally well on walls and canvas, but also cellophane, thanks to a new technique called "CelloGraff" which he created in 2006 with the artist Kanos. His energy and his originality make Astro one of the major street artists, as shown by his presence at many international festivals.

Astro is now part of the CBS crew from Los Angeles.

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