Skulk is a Sydney-based artist working in painting, illustration and printmaking.

Expressive large-scale murals and playful characters have long formed the basis of Skulk’s practice, but his more recent work has moved toward less defined imagery, less identifiable; edging toward abstract expressionism, yet retaining a strong sense of style.

Stemming from his drawing practice and graffiti background, Skulk’s paintings are filled with authentic energy, abstracted figures, and spontaneity. Skulk’s gestural mark making and intensive physical process is a direct result of urban culture. Taking risks in the studio and in the street inform his work, abstracting movements, characters and objects; previously defined.

Bold, unrestrained emotionality and technical execution create a rich physicality in Skulk’s paintings, bridging his distinct style built over the years, into an evolution that pushes the work against boundaries and convention.


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