The city of Koblenz in Germany stands architecturally divided, its old town’s narrow streets and cosy courtyards surrounded on all sides by modern expansions. As such, it seems an appropriate birthplace for Wolfgang Ohlig, whose visual artistry would reimagine traditional concepts with an urban aesthetic.  

And while Ohlig was born in 1969, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that his VISEone alias emerged, initially exhibiting his creativity as a graffiti writer. But this short-lived period of his career would be abandoned for musical aspirations, ones that resulted in him being a hip hop DJ and producer with a major record label deal.  

Though, a decade later, his fine arts side could no longer be denied.

Upon discovering the designer toy art movement in 2007, Ohlig was invigorated with ideas and returned wholeheartedly to a visual medium. By 2010, Ohlig’s VISEone alias had received international attention for his augmented vinyl sculptural forms, transforming mass-produced plastics into unique works of art. But, less than four years later, VISEone was prepared for new conceptual challenges, taking the form of his stylized graffiti tags reimagined as abstract metal sculptures. Further peeling his street art aesthetic off of the walls and onto more traditional mediums, VISEone added canvas works to his oeuvre in 2015.

And while it has been decades since VISEone‘s work has adorned a city’s wall, he remains a thoroughly urban artist. One, though, that continues to pioneer ways in which express his aesthetic.

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