Pauser develops his groovy personal style in graffiti since the ’90s. While in the past his post-graffiti work was still fading with the rhythm of funk, disco, or groove music, now his paintings reflect the present, dominated by modern technology and augmented reality. Despite progress, it remains true to its distinctive style, full of colors, geometric shapes, and hidden symbols.  

The musicality and geometry of Pauser’s artworks can make the thought of as under Kandinsky’s synaesthesia influence. Joyful and relaxed compositions of his paintings for change symbolize the present way of life and passion for graffiti, design, fashion. This is one of the reasons why we find part of his work in fashion design.  He is working on walls, paper, and canvas with can, edger and, new oil painting. He is at the forefront of the practice of graffiti using augmented reality for his artworks. 

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