One Truth is a artistic collective composed of two brothers Pase and Dr.Drax.

The brothers have started doing graffiti in 1998 in the underground, and soon discovered an exceptional talent and passion for urban art. Moving quickly from various small projects, they co-founded the artist collective One Truth in 2003

What made you become an artist? Could you tell me more about your background?

How we grow up is the story of our life. We lived very early without our parents.

Our father die young, our mother had psychological problems. We grow up with many problems, for us, graffiti was a gift, a big world to escape from reality. Nonetheless, We have never planed to make our living as an artist. But over the years of passion and hard work you will be rewarded J. Then one day, society calls you an artist! We, as brother, share a lot of time together; we are best friend in life and in the art world.

Art is the good soul of humans.

We started in1998, Pase take dr.drax one night out to paint. From this day, we were in love with graffiti. In 2003 One Truth was born and we learn graffiti alone just by practicing.


Basic question, but how did you choose your name?

One truth means for us that when you are together you are stronger, like we, Dr.Drax and Pase, we are the One Truth brothers.


Could you tell us about your technique and the type of work you create?

We have the knowledge to have worked on the streets over years. Our work is freehand that is why we are real graffiti artists. We paint as much as we can: houses, cars, canvases etc…

Dr.Drax also tattoo his character in our studio.

Pase paints more letters and abstract paintings, also calligraphy.

Dr.Drax creates and paints characters.

good-vibes-3 my-soul-1 street-box save-the-planet out-of-control-10

Works available for sale on


How would you describe your work today?

Post graffiti, street art, graffiti art, modern art


What influenced you artistically?

Our inspiration is life and all the people we have met in our life.


Which is the best wall you have ever painted 

“Globetrotter” berlin kreuzberg, görlitzerbahnhof skarlitzerstrasse.

“Create and destroy” wehntalerstrasse 312, Zurich

Highest street art walls from Switzerland, 2 x 5x20m.

“the last supper” Malmö Sweden with the legend Bates.

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Any exciting projects coming up?


A lot is coming in 2016! Our next stops are Paris, London, Athen and again Berlin.



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